Childrens Vision

As with all aspects of your child’s development, eyesight is an area which should be monitored and treated if necessary. We have found that pre–school eye examinations can catch issues early on. The earlier they are caught, the better the treatment we can offer, and the better quality of life for your child.

Possible Symptoms

  • Text is blurred
  • Text is distorted
  • Words appear to move about
  • Text appears to shimmer
  • Pages seem too bright in places or all over
  • Words fade and then reappear
  • Illusions of colour may be seen within the text

Possible Signs

  • Avoids reading
  • Finds it hard to concentrate
  • Finds reading frustrating
  • Has difficulty following sentences
  • Loses their place easily
  • Gets headaches and eye strain
  • Tires quickly
  • Finds written passages hard to understand
  • Has to re-read a passage several times

Please read the leaflet below for more information on Children's Eye Health.